And on and on it goes……

….the packing that is, 5 days till I move and pretty much nothing done… But I have sold a few of the heavier items…. I am going to see if I can get my room pretty much packed tonight, I will start on the kitchen soon….

Slightly derailed by visit from the ex…. Still moaning about maintenance…. Like it even covers a small percent of what I spend looking after kids… The nastiest thing she said was that if she lost her job, there wouldn’t be any advantage to me not working because it would mean she wouldn’t have to pay me as much anymore… Hard to bite the tongue sometimes… I don’t need to be nice to her for money… She has enough people filling that role from what I hear…. Vent Vent Vent….

To cheer myself up I went shopping. online of course….and I have a new dinning table waiting to collect in Bathurst next week….

Square table for a square room….that makes a kind of linear sense… It takes up less room and seats eight…. I am going in for entertaining in a bigger way this year. The dinning room is in the centre of the house, so instead of dark colours I have decided to with a white room… Looking up white lime wash finishes for metal online… I have 8 Sebel chairs that will fit with this table…. with a colour change…

That then leaves me with a set of six in industrial (rusty) powder blue to use outside on the deck…. The deck at the moment is a horrible heritage green…. I wonder if the owner will object if I paint it…. black….


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