I learnt it from a Book….

Big garage sale today, well it would have been if it wasn’t bucketing down all day… Still did very well, though not as much stuff as I would have liked has gone, but enough of the pricey stuff sold to fund the moving cost of the rest…. and there is no point in giving stuff away when it can be sold later.

The day has ended with a grey cloud, just to tired to stress about it now…. I am sure I will be awake all night, but for now I will just pack some more boxes… I have been trying to pack for half an hour and look at the pile of new books I had delivered today.

They are all craft/art books…on some interesting topics… I noticed while I was packing books that more than half my books are how to books…. This is going to be a year of new skills I think… No restrictions based on practicality, or final purpose… I am aiming for a minimum of one hour a day…

Just doing some reading tonight, checking out the methods that might fit in with what I already so…. and those that will enable me to make the things I can picture in my head…

So it is off to bed… an early night after a very long day… a book on beading in an Art Nouveau style….

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