Doubt Miss Fire….

Yesterday I was a moody grumpy sod…. I love it when I am a giant PITA and then I figure out why and have to apologise for it… Well not really, but i do and then I do…

So Yesterday I got turned down for a property I applied for… Not the end of the world you might say? How about if you hadn’t rented a house in your own name in 20yrs? And on paper you are not exactly financially secure? …. You might start to worry that you are not going to be able to lease any house I would actually want my children to live in, just because you didn’t go out and work while your wife stayed home and looked after the kids while eating bon bons and watching Oprah…. That can rattle you a bit, since you have been on an upswing with being independent get things done kind of guy lately…

So today I got the house I wanted, and that’s not a justification comment, this is the one that felt right the minute I walked into it… Everything else would have required justifications, like its close to town or school or beer etc…. But this place just felt right… It has 3 bedrooms, nothing flash but big… a sink in every room? that’s just odd, I might tell people it was a whorehouse in the 30’s… Thanks to listening to the 2LIVECREW in my youth I hear a certain song lyric in my head every time I see a room with a sink… Sorry about the tangent… even sorrier if you know the song…

So the house has all the regular house stuff, and a dishwasher…. I know not having a dishwasher is a very First World Problem to mention, but I have lived with, and without one… I am better with one. The house is Smaller than the current one, which may cause some furniture issues, I mean too much furniture… Of course too much…

So on the morrow I shall sally forth and signth a lease and be presented with the keys to the new castle…. And there will probably be pictures…

Day 12 of the Photo a Day challenge


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