12 Impossible Things Before Breakfast….

Well not really, but my “To Do” list for each day seems to be heading that way…. It has been an interesting year so far, I know ten days in seems a bit early to be saying that… But a brief conversation with a friend in the town I am moving too, did focus me on a few facts…

I seem to have spent a good many years avoiding what i am good at, and it may sound arrogant but I do cool, and always did…. And through all the other pretend jobs, courses and trying to conform, I always made more $$$ from buying and selling and making etc… I found items for people for fun… I guess that’s the problem, I enjoyed it too much, to think of it as work…

So now I am moving back to my small pond, and just maybe I do feel more confident about being arty/dealer/decorator/stylist (whatever the term is) down there… I am not fashionable enough for the big city, Hell I am barely hip in the Mountains… But in the country I am what I am…. It is weird when things people say finally sink in, being told I am just a country boy at heart, seemed like almost an insult… It wasn’t… it was meant that I do what I do without affectation, I do it because I am me…. I was told many years ago by an old friend that we were very alike….That although we moved away from small towns, and we never really felt like we fitted in there… There was a part of us that never fitted with the circles we mixed with now… I found it strange at the time because they always seemed super confident, and super succesful… when she made that comment she was head of the public arts program in Hobart….

So last year did change so many things for me, I met some amazing people who were following their dreams… and in fact the whole mountains seems a lot more nurturing of that mentality… Dont get me wrong, that although it is not as cut throat as the big city, there is a whole politics and closed group mentality here that I never understand… I have always found it though, I guess twenty plus years of buying and selling means I have dealt with a lot of people, and that mentality that you need to screw every last dollar out of an item, or resent someone who buys something of you and sells it for more so strange. It is the job!!!! I buy something off you for $100 and sell it for $200 because I put in the time and know a person who wants it…. You have no more right to be upset about that, then I do, if the person I sold to, then sells for it $400… Everyone makes their $$$ so whats the problem? I get so tired of people telling me I could get more money for something….Yes I know!!!! I could if I held onto longer, and waited for the right person, or chase and hassle people, or advertised or Blah blah blah… I don’t like that way of doing stuff, it’s just not me I would rather just make a few $$$ and keep it moving on… Other traders are always asking why I sell some much stuff even when everyone else is having a rubbish day… I explain that I don’t lie, don’t rip people off and don’t sell junk… And amusingly they never seem to believe that…. It was a lesson I learnt young, don’t con people into buying things they don’t want, and they will come back for the stuff they do want… Pretty damn simple…

Maybe I just enjoy the buying and selling? I have done it my entire life, I used to make extra money selling used video games in high school… So it is time to take what I have learned last year and start doing what I am good at…. I am so grateful to so many people at the moment, It would be a shame to let them down by not succeeding…


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