And so it Begins……

This year is all about change and evolution… With that in mind I am moving the blog to a bigger and brighter home… The website is also in production, as I try to put a very partial degree in multimedia many years ago to use… My transition from HTML based scripting to CSS is painful to say the least….

I spent the day editing….first a website and then books and dvd’s…. I actually managed to trim 20 DVD’s from the collection, admittedly a few of those are so I can justify buying the blue ray version of the same movie….but the rest are going…. Sold a few CD’s at the markets and going to seriously cull the books…. I am doing the sorting of everything in a very specific order…

  1. Things I really want keep are being packed now.
  2. Things I don’t want and things I am unsure of will be going into the garage sale.

Things I don’t want can go cheap, things I am unsure of will go for the price I am willing to part with it for…. Not sure if that is letting fate or market forces decide, also don’t really care….

So a couple of weeks of upheaval on then on with the shiny happy…. That and I am really looking forward to styling the new house…



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