All Loaded Up…With a Tank Full of Gas….

The car is clean, gassed and packed…. I am winding down with a glass of wine and possibly the worst film ever made Jaws 3….Even the fact it was originally in 3D adds to its crappyness….Sorry went off on a tangent a bit there… Car loaded with the ever dwindling supply of stuff…. It is hard to get my head round at the moment how little there really is left. The storage shed is pretty much empty, the summer house in 90% empty boxes and most of the cupboards in the house are barely half full… So tomorrow I will set myself a goal of $500…. and hopefully come back with less than half the stuff I take…. Not to worried now as I know I will still need to come up here to do markets at least once a month till I get the other stuff established in Bathurst… But even that appears to be moving along quite well… amazing the contacts you make that have contacts somewhere else…. This just going with every opportunity thing seems to be working, I am dangerously close to deciding things with a twenty sided dice (I initially wrote a d20, but i was never really that nerdy)… Time to watch the giant rubber shark eat promiscuous teens…

All Loaded…. With Spocks coffin on the roof…. 

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