Hazy Shade of Winter…..

After a brief stint of warm summer weather, if you can call 4 days a stint, back to cold and grey again…. Maybe the dream of living in the UK should be tempered with the reality of what constant grey days can do to your mood? That said, that although my mood has been a bit up and down, like a whores knickers as my grandad would say….. My motivation has remained in the productive to bloody productive end of the scale…. Third visit to Bathurst in seven days, couple of jobs in between and still got some packing and new pictures started…. Sold some stuff that has been in my life for years, started to worry I was throwing the baby out with the backwater, or something to that effect, because I couldn’t find something that made sense with bitch-water. I however don’t miss any of it…. and it gets easier with each item….

I have even had time to join a few friends on a photo challenge this month…. Today was “Something that makes you smile.” …. Many things are making me smile these days, but this cheap toy makes me smile every time I see it…. I see a rabbit but I think Hypno-Toad….

“All Hail Hypno-Bunny!”

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