Feeling suitably tired after an amazing night out…. When I was younger I could stay out drinking till dawn…. But now I can afford a flash hotel room next to a night club so I can take a break whenever the hell I feel like it…. Age, Guile and Money beat youthful stupidity every time….

Great night….Amazing food….Margarita’s….and fancy champagne and  kisses and passionate embrace as the the new year was welcomed in with fireworks…. Feeling very damn positive about this year, not so much a resolution type of thing, just got a list of things that I want to do….Hong Kong, Tasmania and Brisbane…. Travel is making a big comeback this year… Somewhere else is the new black… and I need to claim back a few places… Work seems to be taking care of itself, well I just keep working and things keep falling into place…. The only real resolution I intend to make, and mainly because I have all ready be doing it, is to follow every opportunity through…. and with that I will finish the 12 days pictures, even though I am busy beyond belief….

Day Seven…..Seven Swans a Swimming….

Day Eight….. A device invented in the 1800’s that would do the work of Eight Maids a Milking, but without all the dangers that come from having eight young women with skilled hands hanging about….


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