Monthly Archives: January 2012

Details & Devils…..

A productive day…..not super productive, just shuffling along, getting stuff done. Kitchen is now pretty much set up and unpacked. Bought a new kitchen stool, they only had the one… So if anyone can point me in the direction of a second I would be grateful…..


I now have tv points everywhere…. Turns out the arial repair guy the estate agent sent went to school with me…. So he did a nice job for little money. Got a couple of jobs booked in for next week already. Word gets around fast, a few invites for drinks and a couple of parties. Apparently I was missed, which is nice.

Even got a chance to have a quick coffee and scribble. Which was also nice. Though I might get more work done if people stopped chatting to me.


Flowers in the Attic….

The great thing about old houses? They are old! In an attempt to restore peace and tranquility to my house, a trip through the manhole was in order. The attic, well roof space really, is a dusty as one would expect. And the previous dozen owners have probably not been up there. Treasure encased in filth and spider webs. There is even some big old crate up there…. And an ancient pulley system to take stuff up there!!! When it gets a bit cooler I will go up there and really explore. Today I found one of those items where you just say I have no idea…..


…. But isn’t it cool. This isn’t theft it is archeological research…..

Chips MK II…..

Out of the half dozen people my edited post was aimed at…. Only two complained. One with some reason and the other with the wrong end of the stick. I wonder which will think they are the one in the right? 10 beers in I don’t really care….. I will get up tomorrow with an epic hangover. Put on a fixed grin, take my kids to school….. Then I will do something pointless and self destructive. The physical pain will numb things. I will then put back on my grin and pick up my children. This is the routine. Without it I would just run….


Post move stress… it coming at me from all sides. So I will focus on the task in hand…. Making the kids rooms into somewhere they want to be. I started with Lily’s room, the first issue was a door that functions as a door in one sense, but not in another important way.

As a result of a renovation we have a door that leads nowhere. Or at least I have not noticed it functioning as a portal in this dimension or any other… So to turn it into something useful….

A night light…. That hints at portals….

One Last Hurdle….

Almost there…. Just a trailer of stuff left to pick up. Phone, Internet and satellite TV all booked in…. And with the kids off to the school on Monday, this may even look like a real home by next weekend…. Tonight however I am stuffed and a night in front of a big screen with a couple of ciders is in order…..