Monthly Archives: December 2011

The First Xmas……

Food, Friends and Family…. My Gorgeous kids, were gorgeous…..My friends and family ate and talked like we hadn’t in years…. This will not be the last one of these…..

Only turned on the oven to heat the bread rolls, relaxed and no fuss and eat till you explode….

Skipped the cheesy carols and let Robbie do the soundtrack….
Feels like Xmas…..
Going to miss this place…..but I am leaving with wonderful memories and grand designs…
and even with everything going on, I managed to do a five minute sketch for the the first day of Xmas series….. Very simple and loose and filled with cider…. Tomorrow I may have time for a nice long relax on the veranda and make the 2nd day of Xmas a bit more impressive…
I hope your Xmas was as empowering as mine….Joy, and that, to the World….

T’was the Night Before Xmas….

And all the through the house, not a creature was stirring…..other than the kids and I snuggled up on the couch in front of a 50″ Plasma TV watching the polar express…..

Picnicked in the park….walked on stilts….Xmas drinks with friends while watching kids play with their school friends…. Lily and Ivy put on a trampoline gymnastic show….Seb played games and was witty….

Home for a spot of dinner and then out to look at the lights with kids and Chris Isaak singing carols in the car….

The only worry was the delivery from coles online this morning was short the two fresh chickens I was planning to cook for xmas lunch!!!! But we all popped into Woolworthes 10 mins before closing tonight on the way home….Free range BBQ chickens were now $2 each…. Lunch sorted…. I would rather be lucky than talented….

Goodnight my friends…..this year may end better than expected….

Decanter – Slowing to a trot….

Not going to stress about having a better homes and gardens thing for Xmas… I really don’t have anyone to impress these days… or, at least not by having a tidy house anyway… So today I chilled, picked up a trunk, a Mahjong set and the last of the Xmas gifts…. A truck will arrive in the morning with food… A spot of lunch at the Wayzee Goose with M and the kids…. Back for the Xmas eve tradition of Polar Express and relaxing with the kids….

I must remember not to get drunk and ask the ex to play “Recognise Anything in this House?” game… It’s a joke sort of…

My new challenge in the short term…. I am going to do a series of 12 Days of Xmas.. Inkomplete style…. On the first day of Xmas my true love gave to me a rabbit in a ……… You will have to keep coming back to find out what she stuffed a rabbit in…

Stick that in your pipe…..

3 Sleeps till Xmas….. House is only one day from being as close to ready as I can be arsed getting it…. After the kids go to bed I will wrap some gifts, have a cider and relax with a bit of Dr Pats Irish mixture…. 

I am a slave to affectation it seems….Better than cigars, cigarettes, alcoholism or buckets of fudge… Hand made briar x-long wizard style pipe and some tobacco in a tin… It says Irish Mixture…. I think my Irish friend might say there was a little something missing… but it is very relaxing none the less…. It has been very nice to have some help around here….even with a house full of mad kids, it was still good… I think that says something….


A little under the weather at the moment….I wont bore (or disgust) you with the details, just a little affliction brought on by stress and unhealthy habits…. Was truly a revelation to be looked after, as in supported and helped. I think I need to be looked after, not in a dependant way… but in a way that means I am not demeaned, or placed second to selfish or stunted behaviour…. Quite a surprise that help doesn’t make you weak and dependant, when it is delivered with empathy and respect….

A couple of days out from Xmas now, somehow I got tricked into having kids for an extra weekend? Oh well at least they will be better off without the milkshakes and chocolates…. The house is a few days from ready for Xmas too, hopefully the weather picks up and Xmas lunch can be served on the veranda.. Just starting to get things set up out there… Still a bit frosty, and I need to do something about lighting…

The food has been ordered to arrive on the morning before xmas…..So that is one thing that I dont need to worry about, a trip to the bottleshop is about all that remains…