Well that’s a bit dull….maybe if you put a bit of disdain and a ohlala or something? So old school today with pen and paper….

Six Geese a Laying….Dead….Cause of death?
Started out the day with a friendly bird….. I think with a bit of enchouragemant I could get her to move in? She is a pretty little thing, I might see if I can lure her inside and put her in a cage for a bit…. I think I could tame her…..
I think today was the first time in a long time I could see having a pet….. Interesting because it was an instictual attraction and not an affectation, of wanting a pet other people would judge me by…. Interesting feeling….
Speaking of sad animals that have seen better days…. Ran into the Girlfriends Ex at the movies in penrith today…. Awkard much…. Well it may have been if I noticed him standing behind us inline at the movies… Oh well was bound to happen… and I am sure it will happen to me next year, in both directions… I would like to think I would care, but secretly there is part of me that really doesn’t think I will…. They say thats the real test, its not love or hate…. It’s just failing to give a rats arse anymore…

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