The First Xmas……

Food, Friends and Family…. My Gorgeous kids, were gorgeous…..My friends and family ate and talked like we hadn’t in years…. This will not be the last one of these…..

Only turned on the oven to heat the bread rolls, relaxed and no fuss and eat till you explode….

Skipped the cheesy carols and let Robbie do the soundtrack….
Feels like Xmas…..
Going to miss this place…..but I am leaving with wonderful memories and grand designs…
and even with everything going on, I managed to do a five minute sketch for the the first day of Xmas series….. Very simple and loose and filled with cider…. Tomorrow I may have time for a nice long relax on the veranda and make the 2nd day of Xmas a bit more impressive…
I hope your Xmas was as empowering as mine….Joy, and that, to the World….

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