A little under the weather at the moment….I wont bore (or disgust) you with the details, just a little affliction brought on by stress and unhealthy habits…. Was truly a revelation to be looked after, as in supported and helped. I think I need to be looked after, not in a dependant way… but in a way that means I am not demeaned, or placed second to selfish or stunted behaviour…. Quite a surprise that help doesn’t make you weak and dependant, when it is delivered with empathy and respect….

A couple of days out from Xmas now, somehow I got tricked into having kids for an extra weekend? Oh well at least they will be better off without the milkshakes and chocolates…. The house is a few days from ready for Xmas too, hopefully the weather picks up and Xmas lunch can be served on the veranda.. Just starting to get things set up out there… Still a bit frosty, and I need to do something about lighting…

The food has been ordered to arrive on the morning before xmas…..So that is one thing that I dont need to worry about, a trip to the bottleshop is about all that remains…


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