On the 9th Day of Xmas My True Love Gave to Me…

I was going to start that way….but of course the 12 Days of Xmas starts on Xmas, so that would be wrong. Anyway just feeling good, and was trying to be chipper in the title. As expected the thing that I thought would go well, went well. Which was nice. I got to say I told you so, in a good natured way… and the clouds cleared, the sun came out, birds sang and all the crap…. The other side looked like they had been bitch slapped, but that’s Karma for you…

So just like in T2 Judgement Day, we are back at that “No Fate” bit…. Thank goodness….

9 days till Xmas….Yikes….Lots and Lots to do, lots done and for the first time in many years I can truly say I am looking forward to it…. There will be some unavoidable cross over between old life and new… But to be honest I am over shielding people from reality, and my ex is my ex, so not really my job to make her feel anymore comfortable in my house than any other guest… So hopefully it will be drama free, and I would rather annoy someone without emotions than someone with.

In an attack of insanity today I started making my own decorations. I am taking this tinsel free thing very seriously….


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