Love and other Bitch Slaps…..

It is just funny….not ha ha funny, but isn’t life funny after the second bottle of wine and 2nd vodka cruiser poured over melted ice cream funny…. Fattening, Painkiller Funny…. All I needed was some sign that people could pull their head out of their arse long enough to see things weren’t going well… Silly me… The temporary high of shopping is gone… The beautiful fuzz of Prozac, vodka, Valium in the shape of expensive ice cream and Valium in the shape of Valium is doing its job well…..Cant focus on anything to be angry about for more than 10 seconds…. I have drugged myself into the mind scape of a goldfish…blub…blub…..blub….

So cheers to my fragile Girlfriend who I have broken for over 20 years…. and cheers to my emotionally retarded and badly dressed ex….cheers to my toxic mother and distant father and cheers to my emotional eating…. I will sober up tomorrow and be OK for a while…. everyone else will still be selfish pricks, but I know I will try to be just over that halfway mark of selfish arse and just into trying to make things better…. Lapin is off to finish the ice cream and yell obscenities in poor french at arse hats on xbox live…. Its a wonderful life…..


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