Chain Gang…..

Child labour laws have been temporarily suspended at Maison De Lapin, due to the last minute school xmas cards and candy cane rush…. 50 cards in sleepy kid font…. and a cheap candy cane stuffed in the envelope. That’s xmas for you right there…. Please don’t pay to much attention to that Bah-Humbuggery, it was actually great fun…

The kids and I wrote a note to print out and put in every card….I tried not to make it too sad, even though that wasn’t how I felt –

We are all so grateful for the wonderful memories the staff, parents andstudents have given us all…. and while we must move on to our next adventure,a little part of us will always smile at the thought of Korowal…. We hopethis not a goodbye… but au revoir….

Don’t crybecause it’s over. Smile because it happened.

All our Best from Lily and Sebastianand Shayn…

So that is how it will end, and I try to believe that I am doing the right thing….I should have made the ex pick them up from school these last few days… To see my son chatting and laughing with other kids… other parents telling me how sad it was we were leaving, and how far he has come….even the reminder call from the librarian about overdue books was accompanied by a genuine message of how much she would miss him…. He came out of school today wearing a silk scarf that he had made himself and he was so proud… and a trip to shops after school resulted in some older girls from the school seeing lily and running up saying “huggy”…she smiled and hugged them both…. One of those glad I was wearing glasses moments….

So school will end….I will have a big xmas with friends and family and an over flowing house… My kids will experience a real xmas… for now that is my focus… and if I fall arse backwards into a shit load of cash….all bets are off….


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