Let’s Have That one Bronzed!!!!…..

What a great day….garage sale went of without a hitch….made more money than I can comfortable jam in my wallet….even after buying the kids (and myself) a Playstation 3 with a big pile of games, I can pay electricity, and everything else with enough left for “pushing the barge out” at xmas…. I chatted, I sold stuff, I chatted, I sold stuff….all good, all very good….Had my Dad and M here to help, the kids were great and my sales patter must be rubbing off on the boy. He has a wonderful ability to get the ladies to smile. The Big yellow chairs I bought Last week left today….almost 6 days….hmmmm that’s some short lived furniture….if i was better at maths I could work out the percentage of profit….1000% I think…. Did I mention it was a great day? Been a wonderful weekend having the kids here has been great too….We went out got takeaway….curled up on couch watched giant TV…. Sponge bob marathons, Tome and Jerry and now Lava Girl and shark boy…..There has been two large bowls of fresh popcorn, and the house smells wonderful…..

I was going to take a picture when I first started the sale, but to be honest there really wasn’t time….it’s a shame there must have been twenty people chatting and buying it would have made a good photo……

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