AT WAR!!!!!!……

For those of you feeling the doom of breakneck speed, as the end of the year is approaching…..I feel for you. My calender looks like the worlds most complicated game of naughts and crosses, at the moment….Red and Black ink, fighting for dominance over the battlefield that my life has become…. The times and dates of children’s parties, school events, friends visits and working times of others, let slip the dogs of war on Start of School holidays, Garage Sales, Market Days, and the remaining shopping days till xmas chimes an ominous note over the whole sorry month…..

“Like butter spread a little to thinly over to much toast” I think is the quote….. That’s how I feel, being pulled in a dozen different directions…. Other people have needs, at the moment I just have tiredness. I want to rally and fight… I need a rousing Henry or Richard (Insert roman numeral here) speech, to lift my weary sole for one last push against the Frenchies or Gerry’s or The Scots or something….

So I will pick up, dust off, remount….. and get back to tilting at windmills, till the storm lifts or the pillars of heaven shift…..or I find the Seven Demon Bag……

Today I sat here….I drank coffee….and thunk….

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