Butcher, Baker and the Candlestick maker……

……Or maybe the guy who turns the Stop/Slow sign at roadworks * All these are real jobs…..Looking after kids and turning a dollar or two with the only real abilities you have…..Not work…..

Only God Can Judge Me!!! the saying goes….I guess as an atheist that cuts that group by one…. Here’s a new rule…Number 72 – “You don’t need to justify it to anyone, but yourself”. I think that is going to become a favourite, up there with Number 6 – “Using the Phrase “It’s The Principle of the Thing!” is your personal red light to stop what the hell you are doing and calm down!”.

Rule 32 – Is don’t eat out of the open tuna can after two days….. These rules are the things we need to know…..they don’t have to sound like someone distilled the wisdom of a dozen Dali Lamas…..


*Why do they always give the job of holding the slow sign to the person that looks like they are? Happy accident or cruel reminder?
**A Cast Iron Rabbit…..


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