It’s Not Easy Being Green……

But it is a little easier to be a kind of vintage industrial green…. I am not a fan of recycling garbage, it shocks and horrifies people that my plastics, paper etc bin is never used…. I am unapologetic, i try to reduce my consumption of garbage at the other end….the purchase end…..

Very little in my house is new, most of it discarded as worthless, and then replaced by some chipboard rubbish from a chain store…. My greenness comes from the up cycling…. I will stick with that I think….

A great example, is this horrible but solid TV unit, its orange pine cottage look is well out of fashion…so it is basically thrown away…..

Probably to be replaced by something similar in a more “fashionable” country chic or some such thing… They throw this away and then go spend $100’s on another one….. or they could buy a $3 tin of paint?

Not a dramatic amount of work, but a very functional piece for my sons room and less than an hour to achieve…..

The $3 can of paint was still quite full, so a 1940’s pot cupboard also got upgraded from twee pseudo antique……

….to a much more palatable industrial style piece, also for my sons room….

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