Sold some stuff online last night while having a nice Indian meal….You have to love technology that lets you make more than the dinner cost before the bill is due. So more items will leave the house this week…..It may not look less cluttered to the outside world, but I know there has been a serious reduction, In fact the idea of having to move is striking less panic, on the packing front anyway….

As I expected the minute I decide to move, I suddenly start making contacts in the design field and my horizons are widened for me…. I am now seriously considering the foot in the mountains option, a little weekend shop maybe?… Slowly, Slowly…. I know if I can ride out the next 12 months or so the government will be pestering me to do something, and they have a department that might pay me to set up the business.

Slow and relaxed Sunday…. Breakfast out….bit of a wander….. Back home to paint and await the kids…


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