Day Three….and a Pox on both your Houses….

Drama check please!!!….This year is really shaping up for one those Horrible Anuses….or whatever the Queen called it….So the week wrecking Chicken Pox that my daughter got (despite being immunised) has been passed to my girlfriend (despite her having it as a child)…. I am so not game to leave the house!!! I really cant afford to get that sick right now….Trying to decide if the aches and pains are caused by a virus beating me into spotty submission or the fact I keep lifting bloody heavy things….

Speaking of heavy things…..this was bloody heavy….and lifting it in and out of the car solo is an act of macho stupidity that I will pay dearly for…..

So I now have a very heavy hall table…..all it needed was a quick polish and it is done….since it already fulfils the role of dual purpose furniture, I will just leave it the hell alone….


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