Day Two…..

The Morning – Beyond tired today….I had one of those nights were I am not sure if I slept, nodding off and then awake again a few minutes or an hour later? Not sure which…. Got that wonderful/horrible high on fatigue feeling…..Finished a picture and a coffee….

The Afternoon – Still pretty ratty….House is a bombsite which isn’t helping the insomnia, but good weather meant I worked outside most of the day….some time for oil to dry and a few coats of polish and I will be able to move my new/old industrial style game storage table into the hallway….Hopefully eliminating the giant octopus of power cables that feed the portable video game collection…..

It looked like this when I got it….for free…..the main issue was that the legs where about to fall off… It is much stronger now….
and it now looks like it belongs in my house….

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