Day One….

And there isn’t a patch…. There is only distraction… and ice-cream…..

I have often said I could double $1000 in a month by trading and selling… In fact I suspect the original amount doesn’t really matter, in some ways it is easier to triple a $100 in a week than double $1000 in a month. There seems to be a degree of care with small purchases that goes out the window when you have a big wad of cash to gamble with…. With $100 to my name I only buy definite easy to shift to a mass market items, with more cash I tend to chase the one person who will pay through the nose…. So I will try and apply the thrifty to the wad…. Today’s purchases were a bit eclectic….Spent about fifty all up. Some items are a no brainer, two Atari flashbacks for $15 is a very easy $40…. A Sixties TV tray for $1 should get 10 and so on, nothing risky just nice little earners…. I had a coffee, I drew a balloon and I bought a case of sweet and shiny vodka drinks……

…..and yes there will be a bunny….. because there always is…..


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