Surprised I got anything at all done today…..Still feeling like a nasty flu has hold…. Headache so bad I couldn’t bring myself to go into town and pick-up new glasses (was meant to collect them last week)…. At least I didn’t spend any money today, got to reign that in soon…. The headache is now in full migraine mode…. That’s always fun….. Dark room time…..

Against my better judgement I spray painted a table, the fumes vs the week of rain…. Fumes won, and even though I wore a mask I suspect the fumes have made me sicker…. moan moan moan…. Sorry needed to get that out there into the unread ether…. Pretty sick of the world this week…. Stick with furniture I think…..

Shopping list, If I had any intention of leaving the house…..some wood putty, a copy of “The Killing Joke” and some handles…..

Only other thing I did today was glue and clamp…. that should hold it…..


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