Valued by Experts…..

This is the self important sticker that has start to rear its head in some op-shops…. I love that sticker, it lets me know what to avoid…. I am not sure where they find these “experts”, it certainly isn’t antique road show…. It seems like they have some retired antique dealers who come in and offer then 20 year out of date, and often completely spurious information and prices…. Rubbish pottery with 100’s of dollars on it, chintzy royal collectibles that only appeal to people who are dead or no longer have the income required to pay the silly prices…. and those same experts then price this at $5…..

A tiny crystal scent bottle, filled with either smelling salts or crack cocaine…..maybe the expert needs their glasses upgraded….because I saw this, when I turned it over….

Some unknown maker called BACCARAT from France went to all the trouble of engraving their name in the base…..You would think an “expert” would have seen that, how lucky it is that I still consider myself an amateur…..

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