The Devil is in the Details…..

…..or God is in the Detail, depending on which way you hang your crucifix…. Not sure if it is a side effect of the happy pills or a descent into grumpy old mandom, but detail has become important. When I was a younger man, a wore a younger mans clothes, I didn’t have the patience for detail…and now I have no tolerance for lack of attention to detail…. Ahhhh youth it is wasted on…. well most people.

So I have just spent half an hour making bits of wood with metal pins in them, and recessed backs the exact size for brass buttons….and when I put them on the piece I am doing you probably wont even notice they are there….but I will….and hopefully one day someone else will and say that’s clever….or they don’t mak’em like that anymore….or some such hokey thing.

I couldn’t remove the excess glue without risking knock the pins off centre, they need to be straight…because the Devil is in the details…..
Finally got the last coat on the teak tables I have restored….some of my better and more subtle work, shame I have really gone off the retro stuff. I think the fact that while in a Doctors waiting room today I saw an article on “Retro” furnishing in a New Idea, hasn’t helped….Time to move into a bit more more Industrial/Neo Victorian industrial…. But the tables are nice.

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