Been a bit lapse on the taking care of myself lately….Time to get back in the swing of it…. Doctors appointment of Wednesday for more pills and potions…. Might try and squeeze in a bit more exercise and a trip to the spa place too… To kick start myself along I have nuked the living shit out of my hair, it was a bit brassy yesterday but found the colour rinse stuff today (after checking five shops) and it is now a very pleasant shade of serial killer white now…

I have decided I need a dressing table, or a grooming table….or what ever the hell you call it so it doesn’t sound to girly….

Bought this…..this is way to girly!!! So I will make it match the rest of the bedroom setting….There will be sanding to get the dreadful lumpy paint back to smooth and there will be drills and glue….I bought a bag of old brass buttons for six dollars at the op-shop today, it had some very weird old police and military buttons in it as well as lots of nice plain metal buttons…. So at the moment I am drilling test holes in a scrap bit of wood, to see what depth I want them.

Starting to get back into the swing of the projects….which is good as there is a few to do… If I can stay out of the op-shops I will be fine 🙂

Speaking of op-shops, I was impressed at the speed technology is becoming redundant…. I bought a iPhone 3GS 32GB from Salvo’s today for a hundred and fifty dollars….bargain….


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