Probability Beans……

Sick…..Sick….Sick…..Lets add short tempered and down to my last nerve to that…. The kids are back, dropped of by “I don’t deserve a weekend” ex… Did I mention moody and on my last nerve. Call me over sensitive but threatening me with renegotiating maintenance after I just agreed to move the kids back and to a public school, so she gets an extra pile of cash…made me snap…. Cant wait to be free of her money bullshit, If I was incapable of budgeting and wasted as much as she does I would be a bit more glass houses and a bit less moody bitch… oh….did I mention i am not well and it’s a bad day to poke the bear? All I said was I would like her to ba able to pick kids up after school a couple of times a week, You know, so maybe I could work or something? So I didnt need her precious money. Done!!!

 A tin of jelly beans, but I put the black ones back each time I take some…. Therefore I increase my chance of the dreaded black jelly bean next…. That could be an analogy or a lesson, but most likely it is a warning…. Eventually there will only be black jelly beans left in the tin….


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