Steam Punk…..

I have been thinking about steam punk stuff a bit lately….There really seems to be two main paths to go down….One is the more aesthetic, stick broken clock bits to things path, nothing wrong with that it, if it is done with style….and the other path is following the idea that the embellishment should be functional, not completely of course…but if the technology had gone down that path, then the items you make, should look like they could work….. So I am moving away from the old watch bits path…..

….and trying to follow a more functional path….. With that in mind tonights project may seem a little dull…. I really think it represents what I want to achieve…. A completly functioning push switch, with a brass collar made from a bullet casing and brass cap, when resessed into a wood panel it will be almost flush. Is it strange to be so happy with a tiny switch?

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