Half Time….Changes Sides!…..

My children are taking it in turns to be enthusiastic and sullen about school….I wish they could at least synchronise it with each other…. Sod all done today, probably try and sort out the stuff for Lawson Markets on Sunday… Maybe sand a a bit more of a coffee table….

Still enjoying the fact that local op-shops will sell me a piece like this for five dollars, when they price everything else so ridiculously….also might give this a bit of work over…..

Rough afternoon…..Sebastian has returned from holidays with a potty mouth….so all frustration no results in yells of crap and such….how lovely….. a bit of time without video games is in order….

I have just spent a ridiculous amount of effort to make a battery pack….I will replace it with something a bit more practical and a nice brass switch eventually….more just seeing if it could be done….So now I need a brass washer or a penny with a 3/8 hole in it to make the top look complete…

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