Leave a Light on for me……

Tuesday feels like Thursday of next week….. Insomnia is back, almost got some sleep last night till my daughter had a nightmare and decided it would be better if she slept in the middle of my bed….Had to sleep on the edge of bed, but didn’t care….missed them both, I wouldn’t have cared if Seb had come in to…and that is saying something as he is a squirmy little bugger…. I have spent most of the afternoon watching them play together….No sure what to do for them, what is the best for them? So in the short term I am buying some lamp oil for my newly finished oil lamps, in case I decide to do without electricity….

The mind numbing effort for today…..Doing something that is so labour intensive to do by chisel and hammer, that would take 2 mins with a router, is strangely satisfying…. The knowledge that if I was trapped on a desert isle or in an Oubliette I could (A) carve a canoe or (B) a tunnel….. It would of course be important get the situation correct….


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