Welcome to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen…

Weird, very weird….Sitting…..Sketching outside a cafe in Katoomba, and I kept getting Japanese tourists asking to take a picture with me? Not sure if it was because they liked my artwork? Or because I am a large, blue eyed, tattooed descendant of convicts?

This afternoon I finished the Alan Quatermain Patented Automatic Numerator (1825)….Well I had to call it something….. Perhaps I should have named it after Sherlock Holmes, But he resided at 221B Baker Street….and Not 221A that seemed a bit of a stretch.

I took a few pics in different styles….Heres a colour one….

and another angle…..well there is also a bit of spot the difference going on too?

(Answer – I swapped the silver washer under the brass bolt holding it to the wood for a aged brass one)


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