Extra Time…..

Got a whole time thing going on this week….. I picked up kids, did a little op-shopping….got some spoons…..or spoon rests I think….. One dollar a piece, bit pricey for spoons….but I think I may be able to split each of them into three items…..and I like this picture of them i just took anyway.

Tomorow I am going to take the fancy camera for a run again, I want to try some photoshop versions of the clock stuff….Need bigger files to play with might see if I can blow them up and print them.

These are in the growing list of things that make me smile…..


One thought on “Extra Time…..

  1. Sweet Pea says:

    Hi Le Noir Lapin, found you in a round about sort of way. Just thought you might be interested to know that I'm 100% sure that these spoons are spoons for measuring out tea leaves when making tea the old way (before teabags were invented). I have one somewhere in my stash of silverware that was given to me as souvenir by one of my in-laws back in the 70s, when souvenirs were a rarity (in my life anyway).

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