Monthly Archives: October 2011

Needs More Cowbell…..

Keeping busy today…..and tomorrow….Sending positive vibes out into the world….well it cant hurt.

Lily asked me how long it was till xmas….I had a think, and said seven weeks, I then feel into a deep depression….Yikes!!! Make that Double Yikes!!! So far from ready for the festive season… I don’t suppose that will stop it of course. So I better come up with a natty label for November…Something like Rock-tober, only with November, like Mo-vember, but to do with pulling your finger out…. I will mull…

Got a new project or ten…. So I might have to ignore the couch moving back pain and crack on… actually I think most of the back damage was done by irony, that would be lifting a very heavy spin bike in and out of car…. and a dressing table …. and a trunk and a bloody big TV…. Maybe it wasn’t irony, maybe it was stupidity….

If i get a few days of nice weather I should be able to get this done….

It was dirt cheap for a very solid, if not attractive….but it should be a quick job, a bit of filler and paint and done. It has a stamp saying it was made seven days before I born….

Mock Duck…..

Well mock post really…..too much going on at the moment, so I am taking a day to get my head straight before I say anything….

And in the mock theme….. I am mocking up the dressing table…. I enjoy this bit of the design process, just seeing where things might go, and coming up with new ideas as I do….

Out to Lunch….

Well out to dinner in this case…..not sure but this might be my first night out in almost 6 months!!! That is pretty scary…..Nice restaurant, a few drinks….lovely….


Had to go to Bathurst today, even though I didn’t need to take the kids to the ex….Needed a trailer, and it cost $68 a day to hire one!!! So a quick round trip with a quick hello to kids, and a very quick coffee….a start on a little picture to make my poor little girl smile, she has the chicken pox… So I am drawing her favourite character from Alice in Wonderland, The dodo? She is a strange little girl, and I love her.

Spot the Difference…..

Couldn’t have been a bigger farce if I tried…..My Daughter has Chicken Pox….and I didn’t notice….bad bad dad…. I had that moment I dreaded,

“can you come pick lily up from school?”
“I am a couple of hours away”
“Is there someone else you can call?”

No there isn’t…..that’s the problem….

It got sorted….I had Laksa and I am still sad…..