Trapped in a box…..

Frosty day…..bit of a drive round….Sanded one box, glued veneer on another box….So it felt a little bit like the day after xmas….groan.

Got a picture half done….I will try and finish and post it in the evening update….Depends if I have house guests again, if I do then dinner and movie and relaxing….If not then a picture or two…. Either way I am happy. Amazing how different the world feels with even the smallest amount of belief and encouragement…. I guess I am bit like a beaten down dog it that respect, any kind word does wonders.

Watching the weather for weekend it is a 50/50 thing at the moment, so any handy goat sacrifice you can make in my name to the weather gods would be appreciated!! Really need to raise some $$$ and clear out the old stuff, I absolutely refuse to pack it ever again. So I may have to find some Saturday markets too….I am quite prepared to spend every Saturday and Sunday between now and xmas to get the situation sorted….

The Evening Update – Apparently I am hard work….That seems about right…. I maybe hard work, but on a good day I am worth it…. and my good days out number my bad most months…. Started on a necklace tonight, slow going due to frosty weather making fingers less nimble than normal….but getting the hang of it….. It is interesting to be adding craftsmanship to my designs and ideas…. Not ready for pics of yet, mainly just screwing around with cheap stuff at the moment, but I have some solid silver on the way, that is more my bag… If you are going to put that much time into something why bother with plated rubbish…. Misplaced faith in my own talent maybe?

One quick picture down and another started…..happy with the speed I can knock out a quick picture these days, trying to combine the free and loose with the tiny detail…. That will take some time to balance….but i really think the intricate stuff did need a looser background…


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