These Boots are Made for…..

Feeling great after 12 plus hours sleep….I had a serious sleep loan to repay this week, and I think I worked hard to pay it all back in one go. Just pottering around the house today, random cleaning and sorting. Found the ex’s box of rocks she was “looking” for….they weren’t in the house they were in my storage unit…I will give them back, they will no doubt end up in the hands of “Vista” but I can’t be petty.

Many years ago while living in Brisbane my garage was robbed and I lost a pair of johnny reb boots I had since I was twenty….Never did get around to replacing them…. Over the last week, since seeing a pair in the local shoe shop (for over $300), I had been toying with the idea of putting some cash away each week to get myself a pair for xmas. So on this weeks drop and return trip to Bathurst I stopped for a quick browse of Op-Shops, and walked away $30 lighter but with a pair of boots…. Not Reb’s but I like them more….No silly name stamped across the front, and much better quality. They have not been loved, but are still in great condition and recently re-healed and soled. So I have cleaned them and they are covered in leather treatment at the moment, I will let that soak in till tomorrow, and then a very thorough polish.

Not sure about the B buckle on the side, but it appears to be silver and not just alloy….Thinking of pimping the buckle a bit.

When the leather is back to what it should be I will polish the silver and take it from there. The boots came with some free earrings, they were meant to be two dollars but he chucked them in with the boots… A stint in the jewelry portion of a pawn brokers taught me a few tricks, and the ability to mark a metal with your fingernail is a very basic test of what it could be….so maybe these heavy little buggers might pay for the boots.

The Evening Update – A relaxed day today, I think I needed that…. Needed to sleep and potter and get my head on straight. House is still a bomb site of epic proportions, but tied up my room a bit so I can ignore the rest when I am in there.  Two weeks of school holidays and being flat broke probably means a fair bit of time at home. So hopefully I can organise stuff a bit, started bagging and price tagging stuff for the markets. Looks like markets will be a no go due to rain, not good because I really could have used the cash, but a cosy sleep in is good too….

The only other thing done today was the final touch, for now, on the desk door…I have so much else to do I will leave it alone for awhile.



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