Karma….Luck…..Something like that. Last night I was trying to decide if I could afford to replace the jewelry tools the ex wants back, and ransacked my house for…. Looking on eBay, but decided to wait a bit…. So today the nice lady at the op shop gives me a very nice set in a case, while buying a framing thingy for $20. A framing thing that when I got home I looked up is worth about 300…. I have quite the little workshop set-up these days…. So next weekend I can give back the ex’s stuff… No doubt so she can give them to 2.0…. Mine are better 🙂

Also bought an easel today, Nice, Vintage, Italian…. needs a clean and polish, but for $40 and not $400 I can afford to do a bit work. It will be nice to have all the painting stuff in one place….I will put up pics tomorrow when I start to restore it…. In the road side find dept. of the company, some very cool boxes….No idea what they are, other than cool.


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