Take a Seat…..

Sick kids so no school…. I did get a suprisingly large amount done on chair project. In between food runs and hugs…. This update will be a picture is worth a thousand words type affair, as my fingers are sore from sanding… Not used to hard work. Had to drill new holes for a new arm rest, a bit tricky to get the angle right, but the jobs done.

Finished sanding to get rid of old varnish.

Oiled up like a prized pig….

Cleaned the leather….Well I did after this pic….It was pretty horrid…Do not let your pets on the couch!!!
Relaced the canvas seat…after a quick rinse in the washing machine…a bit of shrinkage…but put it on wet to stretch it…. Very glad I took a few photos of lacing before hand.
And then put it all back together….and I like it!!! Took about 4 hours all up….not bad for a very nice chair that I got off the roadside.


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