Time at the Desk…..

The desk is done….done but for a few final lights etc that I am waiting on…. but done enough to start using as my desk again…. It has air vents, a feature often missing from 50 year old furniture, showing a distinct lack of foresight regarding the cooling requirements of computers…

So I ended up spraying the inside panels and the ones that face the wall too, probably no need, but it would bug me to know they weren’t….

so it is a little bit Dr Who’s Tardis a bit steam/cyber punk and quite functional.

So the sound system for the PC is now inside the cupboard, still a bit messy as I need to get extension cables for the speakers to move them up underneath the sliding shelf…and at the moment I am using a battery powered night light to illuminate the green glass, but that will be replaced by 240v LED strips, that will go underneath too….just waiting for it to arrive from OS…

A wireless keyboard and mouse keep the cables to a minimum…. the flip out mouse case is out of an old sewing cabinet…I will eventually line it with foam and black velvet to make a safe mouse hole. There will be a final polish and when I am happy with the door and drawer they will get a seal coat, maybe with a crackle finish. But for now it looks like it belongs…


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