Got about half what I wanted to get done, but that’s not to bad since a few set-backs slowed things up. A broken hole saw and a shelf that wouldn’t budge without a large lever and a ton of brute force….also changed plans mid way through and decided to paint some things i was going to.

I decided that in addition to the holes for cables it might need a few speed holes….
Of course that made things a bit rough looking…..so paint became a good idea.
Might just leave it black for now…..Kind of like the look of it….. So I am going to do the underneath too…. Hopefully the stuff I ordered from Hong Kong turns up soon, so I can finish the tech parts.

Finished the door….well as close as it is getting this month….I may do a few more detailed layers after the other projects are done….and the desk it self is finished….

The door is a bit busy on its own….but in the desk it is more subtle, well as subtle as a glowing green light surrounded by cogs can be. Ordered some LED’s that work off 240v, so I will have a very big nightlight to keep the bogeyman at bay….

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