The plan was to complete a project today….instead I have been working on a few and sharing the destruction and paint around. Found the worlds most hideous valet chair….I like a challenge.

It is horrible but I think it can be saved…..Leather and paint and a tweak or ten…. Also started work on my computer desk….Well started on the destruction phase anyway….It started like this….

I made a door and drawer for it a while ago….nothing fancy just pine…..So i am now going to give it a bit more character and tech bits….But first the saw and proper old fashion measuring and cutting stuff.

Wish I had paid a bit more attention in school, but Internet to the rescue on how to find the centre of a circle….and speed and accuracy with the jigsaw is probably an acquired skill, a few more holes and I might be a bit quicker with it.

Running out of time to do anymore before pick up the kids o’clock…So a quick undercoat and back into my school run clothes….

Starting work on the design for the door and drawer now….This will be done in quite a few layers…So I am spray painting the first few to speed things along. A bit messy but I think it will look right by the time I get to the hand painted bit….

Layer 2 is spray paint in satin black cogs….and then while it is still wet Layer 3 is stippled with a brush, this is not for any reason other than impatience….tonight I will dig through some boxes and see if I have any metallic model paints….

Nine o’clock and layer four is done….might leave it there for tonight. Austin Powers is on TV in fifteen minutes, the kids are in bed and I have a bottle of wine in the fridge….Time to put the feet up and relax….


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