A Fair Exchange of Ideas…..

Maybe I should make a list of furniture that’s days are numbered….There are some items in the house that scream compromise…. I am sick of so many items in this house, but financial constraints require financial restraint.

So I will continue the swap system that is working well at the moment….find new piece…sell the item it replaces. The latest furniture freebie is a sideboard thing in a Parker-esqe style, not totally in love with it, but I will clean it up and sand it down and give it a coat of danish oil… It can then replace something I don’t like….

Other find of the day….an iMac G3….A bit of a design classic in its own right. Not sure what it will be, selling it doesn’t appeal…. I have been doing a bit of research and upgrading it a bit is very easy… Ram is very cheap, a new hard drive and a few other tweaks and it might make a interesting media centre.

One of the mothers at school might also have the mouse and keyboard from her original one that she will give me for free….If so I will keep it and pimp it a bit….


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