More of the Same….

Odd weekend….Ups and downs….Finally got to go to markets and get some money…Had the ex in my house being awkward and sad….Made enough at markets to get the bills paid, now just need to get the savings back in the black….She may want the occasional weekend off but it can really play havoc with my income…I can only earn dollars on the weekend and only good dollars if the weather is v.good…Maybe I should take the same attitude about my work that she does about hers….it comes first…because it sucked being that close to broke. And the lack of $$$ slowed down buy materials for the next few projects…. A backlog that needs to be cleared fast. I have drawn up a budget for each piece and a timeline…just to make sure each is financially worthwhile, meaning will the end product sell for more than the cost of producing it? Yes it will…. Hard rubbish day has now started in Lawson, some v.good finds today, some amazing vintage frames and a great mirror stand…The mirror stand was found today but has moved up the project list to next, as I have a very good idea of what it should become…This will either work v.well or not at all, no middle ground here.

 It was a weekend full of other peoples problems derailing my plans, I am not coping well with that… But on the upside I got my first every real fathers day, with a card and present…Made me v.happy and v.sad that my Son had to be eight years old before that happened.

The side table will also be mostly done by end of the week I hope…. Got a bargain Dremel type multi tool cheap, so I can get on the de-construction part. Did a bit of a mock up to see if the look I was thinking about…So a bit of balancing a some black electrical tape and I am happy to move on to the next step…


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