Welcome to Man Land…..

Thursday’s things found, a nice foam mattress that I intend to go with an electric carving knife, to fit in the back of the cruiser….4 Dining chairs…. I really don’t like the 40’s walnut ones I have now….The other Bose speaker (that i picked up the working one of on Monday), with a damaged cone…..and a 50’s dressing table that is delightfully ugly to everyone one else, but I have a few ideas that might turn it into the newest addition to man land….

I had driven past it a few times this week, today I got out to have a look….it was a lot more attractive closer up….the veneer is about 2.5mm thick, Sycamore and walnut…. It is missing one drawer, but the removable back panel is made of the same thing as the missing drawer….Strangely it is the incompleteness of the item that has given me the idea of how to make it something more than it is….The problem is the solution….very zen.


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