Monthly Archives: September 2011

Well that Cheers me up…..

A trip to Bathurst to drop of kids….that’s not the cheer part….Had to do tax with the ex… As well organised as I expected it to be, I had a hard time keeping a straight face…. A deaf tax accountant that couldn’t deal with the ex’s inability to look at people when talking and an incredibly complicated return just made me smile like a classic British sit-com. So I am sure it will all be screwed up and I will get nothing, but at least i had a laugh.

Shadow Boxing…..

Thursday Morning, No Sleep and caffeine fueled….School Holidays are a bit of a grind, to broke to do anything with kids due to bad planning and bad weather…. A quick spin to Bathurst tomorrow to drop the kids off, not sure what to do after that. Need a few things a hardware shop, well I need a lot of things at hardware store, but I will make do with what I can afford.

So today I have done a little boxing….. I will never make the money back on the time it took, but at this stage it is more about developing ideas and technique’s. Making money from the stuff I am making is not essential at the moment, I have sold a few pictures, not anything I like, but peoples taste is peoples taste. This box is more my taste, it started out as a very beaten up 1940’s or 50’s HB pencil box, I sanded and re-glued the veneer….

With a spare bolt from the chair project as a handle and a vintage Chinese coin as embellishment, and a lot polishing….

and of course a bit of work on the inside….

and a nice little vintage box to put something in…..Lets see what else we can do today.

Trapped in a box…..

Frosty day…..bit of a drive round….Sanded one box, glued veneer on another box….So it felt a little bit like the day after xmas….groan.

Got a picture half done….I will try and finish and post it in the evening update….Depends if I have house guests again, if I do then dinner and movie and relaxing….If not then a picture or two…. Either way I am happy. Amazing how different the world feels with even the smallest amount of belief and encouragement…. I guess I am bit like a beaten down dog it that respect, any kind word does wonders.

Watching the weather for weekend it is a 50/50 thing at the moment, so any handy goat sacrifice you can make in my name to the weather gods would be appreciated!! Really need to raise some $$$ and clear out the old stuff, I absolutely refuse to pack it ever again. So I may have to find some Saturday markets too….I am quite prepared to spend every Saturday and Sunday between now and xmas to get the situation sorted….

The Evening Update – Apparently I am hard work….That seems about right…. I maybe hard work, but on a good day I am worth it…. and my good days out number my bad most months…. Started on a necklace tonight, slow going due to frosty weather making fingers less nimble than normal….but getting the hang of it….. It is interesting to be adding craftsmanship to my designs and ideas…. Not ready for pics of yet, mainly just screwing around with cheap stuff at the moment, but I have some solid silver on the way, that is more my bag… If you are going to put that much time into something why bother with plated rubbish…. Misplaced faith in my own talent maybe?

One quick picture down and another started…..happy with the speed I can knock out a quick picture these days, trying to combine the free and loose with the tiny detail…. That will take some time to balance….but i really think the intricate stuff did need a looser background…

We are all going on a ….

School holidays…..hmmmm….. Not the best time for doing stuff it seems….. Regrouping and cleaning a bit, get the tools and supplies back in some kind of order, pricing stuff for markets and stopping the kids from exploding with boredom.

Add to this last nights attempt to do ridonkulus online forms, and creativity is taking a battering…. So the plan of action is clean a bit, so I can stop thinking about mess….. Then one picture, and maybe strip old seats off dining room chairs. Not sure what I am going to do to them but I need a bit of visible progress.

By the Pricking of my Thumbs…..

So much for the end of winter….I got four whole days with the fire not lit…. Frosty and rainy and Brrrrr. No matter, I got sunshine on a cloudy day. Broke and completely lacking a pot to piss in…. and baby I don’t care… What I am trying to get across is my mood is on the upswing again, filled with ideas and the motivation required to see them through. I can see clearly now, and it’s all good.

So I am going back to Bathurst, and the fact that it’s Bathurst no longer matters. So its a week of paper work and sorting and hanging out and feeling the love. oh, and waiting for the postal delivery man/woman to deliver the stuff I ordered. It is weird in the house at the moment, it is like living in two different worlds….the old world of collectibles and items with a resale value…and the house that is being set up move into a creative future, where all income will be wrought by hand….I am loving the transition.

Hopefully this cold spell doesn’t last long enough to dampen my enthusiasm…. Bought a couple of two dollar lamps today, to gut and use for my bedside lamps….. Did a bit of imitation silvering tonight. Just did the detail….but I may do more later.