Hump Day……

Wednesday that feels like Friday, project backlog due to cash flow problems…Markets this Sunday should set things right again, and get me the required supplies to finish a few things off…. Need spray paint and glue in large quantities…. Just like a homeless kid. Budgeting 400 for jewelry making equipment but that may need to wait till I sell some of the finished furniture items. I also like the look of the new Dremel 3 in 1. The router function would be handy….

This probably quite a sensible purchase as it would allow me to do some things that are currently to tricky with the current tools I have. Also looking at getting a regular rotary tool as well, the grinding and buffing tools would be handy and the cutting and drilling would be handy for jewelry etc…

So looks like October will be an expensive month for equipment…that’s better than the reaming i got on bills in September though.

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