Let them eat…..

One interesting result of being skint, due to car insurance, is that I have been unable to buy convenient ready made muesli bars and their ilk….this is interesting because I have had to bake and be all Martha Stewart. So far this week i have baked three different batches of muffins, cookies and tonight a very successful Madeira cake, combined with the chopping of carrots and portioning of sultanas my children have eaten everyday…. breakfast and dinner too…this is the month stockpiling staples has paid off…. and there is cake too….

Took another spin round roadside collection day suburbia today…. Not quiet the same disturbing haul as yesterday….Luckily.

Car load of junk….Great little chesterfield ottoman, with one broken leg…today located an original ottoman with very original legs, so a little swap and one nice ottoman with the only original part on most antique footstools, the legs! Everything else tends to get replaced over the years.

Also continued my Serial Killer of Couches hobby….Took down one huge brown one for its pelt and a few smaller ones for just their feet….So I now have a big pile of leather….

…..and the streets of Hazlebrook are littered with dismembered seating….


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