If you build it…..

You will feel better…. New bed is now in the bedroom…. About bloody time, the weather has finally given me break….

The man cave gets man bed!!! Assembly wasn’t quite a smooth as hoped and required a bit of extra screwing….insert own carry on style joke there…. The job list for this room is shrinking, I still need to do something with the desk….I have a few designs in mind, but they will have to wait till after the bill laden September is over.

The hard rubbish day has yielded a interesting collection of broken chairs. Italian designer chair with a broken seat….

 and a designer bar stool with a broken base but an interesting seat….

So no prizes for this one…. a few new holes, a new bracket and a few spacers….mind you the holes took forever as I could only find a wood drill bit….

So this was a relatively easy job, more an adaption, than anything else….but I am pleased with the result, and the cost, zero seems a good price for a very cool chair….i will give it a good clean and polish tomorrow and might use it as my computer chair….

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