Building a Man Cave 101….

I am absolutely stuffed….I should have been asleep by now, had a bowl of nutri-grain to stay up and update the blog… It was a sunny day, praise the weather gods, so I finally got to do the final coats of paint on the bed and side tables….one step closer to finishing my room.

It will probably be even better when I get it inside, just letting the paint fumes die down a bit before I bring it in and try sleeping in it. Pretty happy with the result, its a long way from shabby chic. This is a man bed for a man cave…. I am very pleased with the bedside tables… I think they will be the jumping off point for more stuff in a similar vein.

I have gone from not liking these side tables, to really liking them….amazing what a difference a tweek can make. Now they are painted and new handles etc. I can see a kind of goth chic element…the fact that they a ecclesiastical style pieces now works….they are my little dark alters of bedtime fun….and the bling crystal handles are the set-up for the punch-line that is the vintage monopoly money lined drawers that they open…. There wasn’t enough cool in the world…. Lets do something about that…


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